Super Snap

IML- Facebow S24

The new series of IML-Facebows S24 ensures efficient
and uncomplicated working with the patient through an
innovative handling.
• The IML-Facebow S24 has a maximum width of
180 mm
• Fast fixing of the cranium-axis-relation through an innovative
• Continously adjustable with an non-slip thumb wheel
• Comfortable adaption of the ear pieces through an
accurate adjustment
• Determination of the intercondylar distance on an easyto-
read measuring scale from 100 mm to 180 mm
• Light but high-strength aluminium construction ensures
an efficient handling
• Reference planes ‚Frankfurter Horizontal‘ and ‚Camper‘s
Plane‘ with IML-Facebow S24 applicable
• Individual laser inscription according to your specifications
• Direct transmission of the mouth situation in the
IML-Articulator S24 with the IML-Hinge Support S24
• Toggle screw ensures the safe lock of the IML-Hinge
Support S24
Scope Of Delivery (Standard):
• IML-Facebow S24 in silver/grey
• IML-Hinge Support S24
• 2x IML-Bite Forks S24
• Nasion relator with mount